Stop Selling!

Your prospects don’t like being sold to, so why are you still selling?

You’ll connect more easily and with more contacts using 3 simple steps I’ve learned from my 40+ years of direct sales experience.

A person in a suit jacket and dress shirt extending their hand for a handshake.

3 Steps

Listen to Their Needs

One-size-fits-all solutions rarely meet the needs of specific prospects. So the 1st step, is to really listen to your prospect about what problems they are having and what frustrates them about their current situation.

Propose a Solution to Their Needs

After you’ve listened to your prospect, you should know if your solution will meet their needs. If so, present your solution and customize your presentation to show how your solution will help them.

Welcome Objections

The final step is to welcome all the objections. Only interested prospects will have questions for you, and these are opportunities to further demonstrate how your solution could help them. And, remember, be honest about any limitations of your solution!

How You Can Do It

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