Selling Doesn't Work!

Help Your Prospects Want To Buy!

Learn how to become a consultant to your prospects, how to help your prospects to buy without high-pressure sales tactics, how to overcome the most common objections and how to start converting “NO” into “I want to KNOW more!”

How It Works

You're There To Help

Making a sale does not require pressure. Become an advocate for your prospect and help them buy the right product for their needs.

Don't Be Afraid of No

Hearing your prospect say “No” is not always a lost opportunity. Learn how to ask the right questions that convert “No” into “I want to KNOW more!”

Build Trust

Consistency builds trust. Trust is an important part of any sales strategy. Learn how to accelerate building trust with your prospects.


  • “Christian is quite knowledgeable in sales and marketing-as well as very creative and his programs are always educational and enjoyable!” Stan Gurka, Primerica

  • “The room perks up and gets involved when Christian begins to work. Clever, engaging and downright fun! Keep inciting people to elevate their soft skills! Brian D Wininger CLSS GB

  • “Christian is an amazing sales trainer! He always has good ideas and will help you think outside the box. He can help your business to grow. His last presentation ad the Business Professional Exchange consultants group was excellent! he is very patient and has helped make a difference in my business and knowledge of sales and marketing. Carol Coots, Practical Cost Reduction

  • “I’m writing this recommendation for Christian Tombers. Christian acted as a consultant, as well as an MC for our Dec. 1st Event. He brought energy, attitude, and experience to a need that was not yet recognized. His experience in sales and marketing was invaluable. His natural sense of entrepreneurship was highly appreciative, and extremely inspirational. I believe the event would not have been a success without the innovative spirit of Christian Tombers. He brought ideas that were easy to institute, and those ideas lead to profit for our event. If you need an individual to help with your “bottom line,” it’s to your advantage to hire him! These were the qualities he brought to the table before the event. During the event, he was there to help with the organization, and the flow of the entire event.

    His MC skills were a pleasant surprise to our company and to the event itself. Thank you Christian for your expertise and enthusiasm. If you want a successful event, “HIRE THIS MAN!” You will NOT be disappointed with his qualities and his skills. Do yourself, your company, your organization, and any event, a Big favor, HIRE THIS MAN!!!” Jon E. Gee, Instructor, Mentor, Consultant & Bass Player for John Mellencamp Band

  • Thank you Christian Tombers of, Charlie Tango Productions, LLC for an excellent BPE presentation: “Basic Sales Principles and How They Apply to Those in Career Transition.”

    Christian provided an informative, energetic and humorous discussion of how our members need to think of Me Inc.” Patrice Waidner, Consultive Coach

  • “Christian Tombers, presented to Business and Professional Exchange Consultants group May 9, 2011 on the topic of “Basic Sales Principles as they Apply to Career Transition.” He was very well received and a paid follow up class was requested by participants.” Lester Snyder, Butler University

  • “Christian generously volunteered his time to help our nonprofit small business development organization develop a Sales 101 class for our small business owners. He has a lot of creative ways of presenting and a lot of energy which resulted in a successful program. Evaluation comments from participants were all positive and included comments about Christian’s ability to take away the fear of sales and make if very easy to understand and his openness in sharing real-life examples and experiences. Christian is obviously passionate about what he does and has been a good resource for our organization.” Tricia Mohl, Accenture

Christian Answers Your Sales Questions!

Christian Tombers is a sales trainer, motivational speaker and out of the box thinker with over 40 years of experience in helping customers want to buy your products! Today, Christian shares the difference between selling and convincing your customers that they want to buy. Christian also shares how to reduce your no-show rate and who you should call first when you have a new product.

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