13 Once Commonplace Items You Can’t Find In Cars Anymore

How many do you remember? ~ What is their replacement?

Vent Windows ~ You could find these small windows, generally triangular in shape, next to the driver and passenger’s windows. They opened up to allow air in without having to roll down the regular window, which had the tendency to
mess up hair and let water in. They were created before commonplace air conditioning systems were available, providing a dryer alternative to air circulation. ow that cars come standard with proper air circulation, vent windows have become all but obsolete.

Crank Windows ~ I know this is hard to believe, but windows were once controlled by cranks that required physical exertion before the reward of fresh air. Sarcasm aside, this feature is actually still fairly commonplace in base model cars with few added features, but it is seen less and less each year. Almost all vehicles now have electric windows making the crank window obsolete. However, electric windows can have more problems associated with them with the need for a motor, so some drivers opt for the old-fashioned crank.

Ashtrays ~ Smoking was once much more accepted than it is today and therefore cars generally had ashtrays installed in them. With the anti-smoking movement growing, cars have become less of a socially acceptable place to smoke rendering ashtrays unnecessary for many cars. Some states have created laws making it illegal to smoke in a car when children are present. When ashtrays are found, they are often converted into change holders.

Suicide Doors ~ These doors open backwards from the typical door. While some found that these doors made it easier to enter the car, manufacturers determined that they proved too dangerous as the force of air could accidentally open the door while in motion. While these are mostly a thing of the past, the Saturn Ion Quad Coupe and other similar cars have brought back the concept of a rear-opening door, however these can only be opened if the front door is opened, adding a safety feature absent from original suicide doors.



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